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"Jennifer is an amazing yoga teacher! She is incredibly warm and inviting and makes you feel comfortable as soon as you enter the studio and practice space. Her passion for yoga is conveyed in her knowledgeable, well-prepared instruction of both asana and philosophy…you really feel her enthusiasm for her practice and the joy she receives in guiding others. Jennifer is motivating, supportive, and inspirational--every time I leave one of her classes I carry with me things she said while demonstrating full expression of a pose, or a line from a selected passage she had read at the start of class, or just one of her funny yet meaningful comments that had the whole group laughing and thinking. I am grateful to have such a wonderful teacher as Jennifer with me as my yoga practice continues to develop."

"Jennifer brings her personality, sense of humor and spirit to each class she teaches. I have been taking her classes several times a week over the last year and can honestly say she has helped me transform both the physical and emotional aspects of my life. I appreciate the thoughtfulness Jennifer puts into her classes. She is always prepared with a fun playlist, a new pose, or an inspiring passage. She makes her students feel comfortable, regardless of where they are in their practice, and she provides practical suggestions for carrying our yoga practice off of the mat and into our daily lives. Thank you for helping me to let go!"

"It is an honor and blissful experience to be instructed and guided by Jennifer! She truly radiates love and kindness, and I feel rejuvenated and inspired after taking her classes and being graced with her positive energy! She welcomes every yogi with a warm heart and creates a safe, healing, and peaceful atmosphere for all. Her integration of spirituality into the practice reminds me of the true definition of yoga. She is amazing, and brings her sense of humor and playfulness to the yoga mat, allowing for a breath of fresh air!"

"I am currently enrolled at your Lakewood studio and have attended a number of Jennifer Lenhart's yoga classes.  I am writing to express my overwhelming satisfaction with Jennifer's instruction.  I have taken yoga from various instructors over the years, and there is no doubt that Jennifer is simply the best yoga teacher I have ever had.  I also use yoga videos when I can't get to a studio, and Jennifer surpasses all of the video instruction I have tried as well.  
Jennifer's  overall instruction is excellent, interesting and makes we work.  Most importantly, I know when I take Jennifer's class that I am working properly.  Her  hands-on assists assure me of the proper position and have helped me immensely in striving for my best posture in a pose.  I can feel definite improvement since working with her.
Thank you for making Jennifer's classes available to me.  I look forward to each one!"



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