​"Much love and gratitude to you my yoga teacher--you are an inspiration to those you teach. You bring so much to us, beyond the movement practice. Your retreats have been life changing for me!!! And meditation practice!!!"

"I want you to know that Jen has become one of my very favorite instructors...she is truly an amazing person and teacher!! How blessed you are to have her with you!! She is just a wonderful person, so full of love, knowledge and a gentle, yet humorous personality! Just wanted her boss to know...she is wonderful!!"

"I want to tell you that after all these years, and the many yoga teachers I’ve had along the way, I always bring myself back to what I learned in your classes and how much I enjoyed your teaching."

"I have taken several of Jennifer's classes because she is wonderful. She is knowledgable and focused. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable. Her classes are refreshing and renewing to the mind and body."

"Jen makes yoga accessible for the beginner as well and the more seasoned practitioner. She always asks new students if they have injuries or issues so she knows to teach them modifications if needed. She obviously knows her anatomy, and explains how the poses benefit the parts of the body. She teaches to who is in front of her instead of just a rote practice. Every class is different depending on who is there. Plus she gives the best neck rubs in Savasana!"

"I have taken numerous classes from Jennifer in many styles from relaxation to flow, and all of her classes are not only a great path to physical wellness but also a centering and calming of the mind. No matter the class I attend I leave with a peaceful sense of well-being--a yoga buzz. Jennifer also offers a variety of poses so you can go week after week and find new and interesting informations and challenges."

"I love attending Jen's classes! She fosters a sense of community in her yoga classes that is welcoming and kind. Her adjustments are fantastic and her explanations are helpful. For beginners or advanced yogis, Jen's classes are a great experience."

"Jennifer creates a nonthreatening space to practice yoga while providing encouragement to grow in your practice. Jennifer has a knowledgeable and light hearted teaching style that is welcoming to all. I recommend her Rest & Relaxation class as well as her Mixed Level Vinyasa Class."

"Jennifer teaches a wonderful Relaxation & Meditation class! She is very knowledgeable about alignment and provides adjustments to each student as needed. Her guidance regarding Meditation has been very helpful. Her Mixed Level Vinyasa class was both fun and challenging and was a great core workout! She is very friendly and professional, and you can tell she truly enjoys teaching!"

"Jennifer is open and friendly and has a light-hearted feel to her classes. She is not the 'practice at the front of the room and everyone else should follow' teacher--she is the teacher who explains, very specifically, what the class is to do and demos only as needed (e.g. for newer students or complicated poses). She is all over the room doing hands-on adjustments and her savasana massages are divine. Sequencing is clearly planned for best practice, and students are often challenged (but never forced) to try new or more complicated poses. Spiritually founded classes that are not too heavy on the spiritual stuff but remind the student that it's there--as it should be--check her out."

"Jennifer helped me understand mindfulness when I started practicing yoga years ago. She is such a warm, wise, and loving woman, and she is an excellent yoga instructor. She lives a true yogi life. I completely trust and honor Jennifer."

"Jennifer is very knowledgable in her yoga practice. Always quick to offer help if you're trying a new pose or just new to yoga in general. Connects one on one with her students."

"Jennifer is inspiring and encouraging. I've taken many classes with her. I always feel good. She has the right pace and is kind and supportive. Her classes are wonderful."

"Jennifer's expertise allows her to find the new students in her class and help them with unfamiliar poses, while maintaining the ability to adjust more experienced students. She provides the encouragement to step outside of my comfort zone, but is respectful of an individual's need to own their practice."

"Jennifer is a wonderful teacher that guides students through a slow engaging flow. She provides plenty of options for all levels, and her classes are welcoming to a beginner yet provide a challenge to an experienced yogi. She teaches a mindful awareness to the core and helps students to build core strength in any pose. She brings laughter to the practice and the joy of being human on our mats. I highly recommend Jennifer to people new to the mat and long time yogis as well."

"I take a class with Jennifer once a week. She flows easily from one posture to the next. She is a free spirit and brings a light side to the class. She is very focused on alignment and my favorite part is the neck massage at the end!"

"Jennifer's fun and quirky sayings and spirit bring a lightness and level of ease to her classes. She challenges you and also celebrates you exactly where you are. I can't say enough about how wonderful she is as an instructor and person! Check her out!"

"I always feel completely refreshed and renewed after Jennifer's mindful and challenging classes."

"Jennifer is one of my favorite yoga teachers! Her classes always leave me feeling better! Her hands on assists, cues, and the flow to her class never leave me feeling confused (and I have learned in my practice that this is quite invaluable). If you ever have a chance to attend her classes, I highly recommend it!"

"Very knowledgeable and excellent teacher! I always feel so refreshed and energized after her class. She understanding of what her students are capable of depending on the class and does a wonderful job describing exactly what needs to be done to achieve the postures. I would highly recommend everyone to try her class."

"I've been taking Jennifer's classes for over a year now. She is a great instructor and is very encouraging to both new and more seasoned students. Her classes are challenging and fun. She is welcoming to all levels of students. I always look forward to her class."

"I got hooked on her classes after just one. No matter your experience level, she knows how to push you and adjust to whatever you need. She shows you how to actually do the pose and get the most out of it. I took her classes for a while, then found out I was pregnant, and she tailored the moves that needed to be tailored as I got bigger and it was awesome. I never had to not go to class, she made me feel welcomed and was so helpful. It was like a family. She is super knowledgeable and just puts you at ease, but at the same time, challenges you. Simply an amazing person and teacher. Since we moved, I have not found a teacher who compares."

"It is an honor and blissful experience to be instructed and guided by Jennifer! She truly radiates love and kindness, and I feel rejuvenated and inspired after taking her classes and being graced with her positive energy! She welcomes every yogi with a warm heart and creates a safe, healing, and peaceful atmosphere for all. Her integration of spirituality into the practice reminds me of the true definition of yoga. She is amazing, and brings her sense of humor and playfulness to the yoga mat, allowing for a breath of fresh air!!! Love you, Jen!!!

"Excellent Yoga Teacher!"

"I have been attending Jennifer's classes for more than a year. She is a consistent, knowledgable and upbeat instructor. Her classes flow smoothly with many demonstrations and hands on assists. She always asks at the beginning of class if anyone has special requests, and incorporates them within the practice. Her spirit, experience and energy make Jennifer one of my favorite teachers!"

"Jennifer's classes have something for everyone. If you want to incorporate spirituality into your practice, it's there. If you want a serious work-out, you'll get it. If you just want to be met right where you are, she'll meet you there. From the curious novice to the seasoned yogi, and everyone in between, you'll find that Jennifer's sense of humor, understanding of yoga's history, knowledge of anatomy and focus on alignment and genuine warmth will leave you with a 'yoga-buzz' long after your practice has concluded."

"I am thankful for your yoga classes, your loving and compassionate encouragement, your ease, your style, but mostly I am thankful for your spirit and the way you share it. Thank you, thank you. I will always be grateful for your presence. You have many loving gifts you share. I am so glad I got a chance to receive some of them."

"You have inspired me in so many ways! I am so grateful that it was you who greeted me at the door when I first began my yoga journey. You are an amazing person! I will carry your energy and enlightenment with me during my travels. Thank you for guiding me to become the person I am today. I am forever grateful!"

"You are an awesome teacher and one of my personal faves." 

"You have been such a positive influence in my life and spiritual journey-- thank you for all that you have done for me." 

"I started taking yoga with you, and through you and your teaching I really love it. I have taken classes with other teachers but I really enjoyed your classes so much better. You challenge me while also bringing me back to what I need most... my breath... you bring me from my worries which overwhelm me... (even in yoga class) back to the present, the breath... (in class) but it also spills into my daily life.Thanks for helping me enjoy yoga."

"Jennifer brings her personality, sense of humor and spirit to each class she teaches. I have been taking her classes several times a week over the last year and can honestly say she has helped me transform both the physical and emotional aspects of my life. I appreciate the thoughtfulness Jennifer puts into her classes. She is always prepared with a fun playlist, a new pose, or an inspiring passage. She makes her students feel comfortable, regardless of where they are in their practice, and she provides practical suggestions for carrying our yoga practice off of the mat and into our daily lives. Thank you for helping me to let go!"

"Jen is an incredible yoga teacher! She is kind, warm, and gentle. She does everything and anything in her nature to help guide and support you through your practice. I leave Jen's class feeling like a new person each week! Jen is dedicated to providing her students with a meaningful and blissful yoga experience! I look forward to continuing my yoga practice with Jen for years to come!" 

"Jennifer is an amazing yoga teacher! She is incredibly warm and inviting and makes you feel comfortable as soon as you enter the studio and practice space. Her passion for yoga is conveyed in her knowledgeable, well-prepared instruction of both asana and philosophy…you really feel her enthusiasm for her practice and the joy she receives in guiding others. Jennifer is motivating, supportive, and inspirational--every time I leave one of her classes I carry with me things she said while demonstrating full expression of a pose, or a line from a selected passage she had read at the start of class, or just one of her funny yet meaningful comments that had the whole group laughing and thinking. I am grateful to have such a wonderful teacher as Jennifer with me as my yoga practice continues to develop. Thank you Jennifer!"

" I started practicing yoga about 6 months ago and Jennifer was my first instructor. She is very good at explaining the poses and how to properly get in and out of them without injury. I was not sure if yoga would be for me, but my reasons were many, and I am so happy yoga is a new part of my life. Jennifer is a wonderful teacher, very patient and attentive to each person and the energy they bring into the room and each other's practice. When Jennifer teaches, you truly feel no inhibition or insecurity about yourself or your movements. She comes prepared with a thought or meditation for the practice and always takes requests from everyone in class to work on specific areas of interest. Jennifer also teaches meditation and relaxation classes and these classes are wonderful. I feel blessed to have had such a wonderful experience and introduction to yoga. I know that for any new venture, your teacher and people you encounter determine your experience. I highly recommend Jennifer as a qualified, understanding and fun teacher of yoga." 

"Jennifer is authentic and open-hearted. Her classes reflect her heart and soul--they are always exactly what I need!" 

"It is said that if a teacher is effective, their students will follow them wherever they may go. With that being said, Jennifer could suggest that we juggle chainsaws and I would give it a shot."

"I hate to miss Jennifer's Relaxation Yoga with Meditation class. It's a great way to prepare for my work week. Jennifer has such a soothing voice and her hands on adjustments are just right."  

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